St. Stephen's Green

Red Door and Ivy Covered Building, St. Stephens Green, Dublin, Eire (Republic of Ireland)

Red Door and Ivy Covered Building
St. Stephen's Green, Dublin
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When we arrived at Dublin Airport in June of 1998, John Reynolds picked us up and we went with him into Dublin. He had some errands to run and Terry wanted to go to the American Consulate to get some geneaological information. The building is in the middle of Dublin, right off St. Stephen's Green and near Trinity College. John went on his way and we were to meet him in an hour on the green.

St. Stephen's Green is a wonderful place! It is quite large, with beautiful trees and shrubbery, and lovely landscaped flower beds. There are statues of famous Irish people and walkways that wind through the area. There were many people walking there or just sitting on a park bench enjoying the beauty of the day.

There was something going on there as we observed many people walking around in Victorian period costumes. We stopped a group of four and asked what they were doing. They were surprised that we were American and they told us that they were filming a movie. Well, as it turned out, it was a movie called "The American" starring Mathew Modine and Dianna Rigg. The story in the movie was supposed to take place in Paris but they used this area of Dublin as the buildings were more conducive to the period. About two years later the movie appeared on TV as part of a series. When we met up with John Reynolds, we walked past Mathew Modine and another actor preparing for a scene but I was too shy to speak to him. As we walked back to the car, John treated us to traditional Irish cuisine at a local pub. Then we were on our way on the N4 Highway to Co. Leitrim.

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