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The cost of flights to Ireland has steadily risen ever since the late 1970's. One reason is due to the recent surge in family genealogical research. It appears that, after the television mini-series 'Roots' was aired, many families decided to try to learn about their own ancestors. Genealogy is not a new past time because some families have done it for many years.

It is very exciting to travel to new places to explore the culture. One of the most common tourist locations is Ireland. The duration of flights to Ireland varies depending on where you depart. From Boston's Logan Airport, the flight is about seven and one-half hours to Dublin Airport, with one brief stop at Shannon Airport. Most major airports around the world offer regular flights to Ireland, which may entail a layover to change planes.

Dublin and Shannon are Ireland's two major airports but there are about twenty smaller ones, mostly used by charter planes to avoid the congestion at the larger airports. You may want to fly into one of the smaller airports if your stay will be in a specific area near one of them.

The cost of a flight to Ireland is going to vary greatly, mostly due to which time of year you will be traveling. People tend to travel more in the summer and during the holidays, so it is much more expensive during 'high season'. There are times of the year when 'off season' rates apply and airlines offer special promotions. The least expensive time of year is spring, then fall and, finally, winter, except for about two weeks around Christmas and the New Year.

Most travel agencies are happy to help you set up your flight plans, as well as offering package deals including flight, accommodations and rental car. Travel agents know about specials before the general public does, or before they are posted online. If you book your flight as part of a package including your accommodations and other events, you will likely be able to save more than by paying for the flight separately.

If you are able to fly to Ireland on a moment's notice, you can take advantage of very low fares. Most airlines would rather sell the empty seats at a huge price reduction than to allow them to go completely empty and generate no money from them at all. Sometimes you are able to get a good price for an empty seat in first class and you should take advantage of it. You will have all the leg room you need for such a long flight.

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