Irish Beverages
Club Rock Shandy 6-Pack
Cool and refreshing, sparkling orange crush. Club contains approx. 5 kcals per 100mls. It contains 14% orange juice. Contains Vitamin C.

Price: $9.39

Lucozade Energise 6-Pack
Club Energise Energy Drink - 6-pack of 380ml/13 oz. bottles.

Price: $12.99

Ribena Conc Blackcurrant
A delicious fruit concentrate packed with vitamin C.

Price: $8.39

Lucozade Sport Orange 6-Pack
Non carbonated orange flavored body fuel in a handy sports bottle.

Price: $18.79

Horlicks Malt Drink
Wholesome malted Goodness just take your time to enjoy the creamy taste of Horlicks helping you sleep better feel better and wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Just put 3 spoons of Horlicks in a mug add hot milk and relax and enjoy the creamy horlicks taste.

Price: $6.49

Irish Cheese
Irish Relishes & Sauces

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