The Seven Year Itch
During the seven years since our last visit to Ireland, we spent a lot of time talking about it and dreaming of going back. We each had some issues which led to not being able to save any money for a trip. It was agony for us, as there were so many television shows we watched that were about Ireland or Irish people. There were the Irish Step Dancers, Frank Patterson, The Irish Tenors, John McDermott, Daniel O'Donnell, The Corrs, Enya, Rick Steves Travels in Ireland. We loved the books by Frank McCourt and the Irish "look" with the black square toed shoes with a big chunky remember the ones I bought in 1998. I don't know if we just never noticed it before or it was our imagination that everything Irish was going on in the world.

We both longed to go back, but it wasn't in the cards for us until 2005. We kept in touch with our friends in the Mohill area via snail mail, and I emailed with Mary Lydon. We were able to catch up with some of what was going on there, which did help our misery.

In the interim, we learned that Thomas Casey retired and his son took over Casey's Bar. Thomas and Maura told us that Francis Heslin passed away and the farm in Drumgrania was sold. John Reynolds closed his restaurant, The Soup Bowl, and it is now a Chinese Restaurant, The Rice and Soup Bowl. He is strictly in the catering business now. Teresa Bohan told us that the Rynn House and Leitrim Estate is being converted into a Hotel and Golf Resort. The Lydon's self catering business has grown and they now have six Four Star Bord Failte approved rentals; Kiltale House, The Cottage, The Loft, Buttercup Chalet, The Stable and The Dairy. Wow...and we were their first guests!! They have also won several awards.

Unannounced to me, Terry was saving his money during 2004 and told me that he would like to go back to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day week. I couldn't believe my non-Reynolds ears!! We started planning our trip in January, but the time until March elapsed like slow molasses. Terry purchased the tickets early because flights to Ireland during St. Patrick's Day filled up fast.

We left Logan Airport in Boston on the night of March 14, 2005 and "The Ireland Adventures of Tyna and Terry" continued...

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