Departure Glebe Street

Terry with Phil and Jim O'Brien

It was Sunday morning and we had finished packing our suitcases. Terry and I went downstairs to the dining room for breakfast. As Phil O'Brien served our last Irish breakfast this trip, she and I were almost in tears. Staying at their B & B was more like coming home to stay in our own room. The three times that we were there we had the same room overlooking Glebe Street in Mohill.

As Terry loaded our luggage into the car, I went into the bar and sat with Phil and Jim. When Terry came back, we took photos with them and said our goodbyes. We told them we would be back in about two years.

Kiltale House Sign

We drove out to the N4 by way of the Carrick road. Since it was about noon, we didn't have much traffic to deal with until we got closer to Co. Meath. I was driving and I asked Terry to keep his eyes open and look for an exit to Enfield. On our trip to Co. Leitrim, we hadn't passed through it because of the new highway. We found it and stopped there to buy some soft drinks.

There was a very narrow and winding road leading from Enfield to Trim. We were amazed that the grass was still so green at the end of November. When we arrived in Trim, it was pouring rain, and there were even more changes in the town since we had last been there. We found Trim Castle first because I knew my way from that location.

Sheep in Kiltale,Ireland

We were meeting Mary Lydon at Kiltale House in Dunsany where we stayed in 1998. When we arrived, we weren't sure at which of the Lydon's accommodations we would be staying. Mary greeted us and we were so glad to see her again. She told us that we were staying there, at Kiltale House. She showed us in and she had prepared us a lovely welcome snack. There was apple pie, scones and jam, fruit bread and the like. We sat down with her and had some tea with a sample of all the delicious food. She had brought in fresh eggs, milk and cream, and some sausages for breakfast the next morning. Mary is a very thoughtful hostess.

She showed us around the house and it hadn't changed much, except for a cute little peat stove in the kitchen where the large range used to be. There was a lovely poster of the dairy and the stables in the process of being converted. We were to spend the next three nights at Kiltale house and we were looking forward to our time in Co. Meath.

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