The Bohans of Rynn
Our dear friend, Teresa Bohan, who is now 85, doesn't get around much anymore due to arthritis. When we first met her in 1998, she was still very active and would come into town from Rynn every day. We would see her with her sister doing the daily shopping and we would always stop to chat.

Terry and Teresa Bohan

We were invited to go to her home at Lough Rynn, which had been the caretakers cottage where her family had been employed for generations. On our first visit, her husband, John P., showed us into the house. Teresa walked very carefully into the sitting room, with her cane, and sat down. We have always been so fond of her. She is a loyal and loving friend and she has kept in touch with us over the past eight years.

Teresa was so happy to see us and we had a lovely visit with her. She told us all about the changes and improvements at the 'new' Lough Rynn Castle and Resort. She told us that she was an honored guest at the Grand Opening this past summer, which was a thrill for her.

We wanted to meet her son Gerard (Gerry) but he wasn't home at the time. Phil O'Brien told us that we had just missed meeting him on our first night in Mohill. He had come into the pub shortly after we had gone up to bed. He would be back the next night at 7:00 PM.

We were getting ready to go down into the pub when Phil came and told us Gerry was there. After a few minutes, we went downstairs and met him. We both agreed that he is a great guy. The three of us had a few pints together and chatted about everything from world affairs to British Comedies on TV. It was a great time.

Gerry came into the pub just about every night so we ran into him many times. On our next trip to their house, Teresa, Gerry, Terry and I had a wonderful visit with lots of hugs and kisses. We told stories, laughed, and took photos of everyone. We have such great memories of our visits with the Bohans of Rynn but we'll be going back in another 2 years to make more.

Tyna, Teresa and Gerry Teresa and Gerry Bohan

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