July 2010 Newsletter

Happy Star Spangled July to you all!

It's a happy time for celebrating America's Independence Day on July 4th. There will be parties, cookouts, parades and fireworks galore!! I hope you all have a great time!

Chris and Robin had a wonderful day for their wedding on June 5th.

Chris and Robin had a wonderful day for their wedding

Here is a photo of the ceremony at Corbin Bridge Park in Newport, New Hampshire.

The Wedding Kiss.

The Wedding Kiss.

The wedding Party

The wedding Party L to R: Robin's sisters, Kristen Pelechowicz, Laurie Spielvogel and her daughter, Alana (flower girl), Chris' daughter, Jordan Heiser, Robin Heiser, Chris Heiser, Robin's son, Kyle O'Bannon, Chris' cousins, Jason Heiser and Jerry Jokinen.

Here is a beautiful photo of my 9 year old granddaughter, Jordan, during the ceremony.

Oatmeal Maple Drop Cookies
Maple Apple Dessert
Oatmeal Maple Drop Cookies
Maple Apple Dessert
Maple Sweet Potatoes
Maple Caramels
Maple Sweet Potatoes
Maple Caramels

I have prepared a few more maple recipes for Ben's Sugar Shack: Oatmeal Maple Drop Cookies; Maple Apple Dessert; Maple Sweet Potatoes; and Maple Caramels.

I have had word from Phil O'Brien in Mohill, Co. Leitrim, Ireland. She said that the weather has improved very much since the rainy summer and freezing snowy winter last year. At present, Mohill is hosting the Province of Connacht Fleadh Cheoil Competitions, which is an Irish traditional singing and dancing festival.

Province of Connacht Fleadh Cheoil Competitions

She said that there will be singing and dancing in all the pubs and in the streets. Money raised by the event will go to keeping Irish heritage alive with traditional music and dance. It sounds like a fun time to me because I love traditional Irish music and dance.

I hope that you all have a wonderful July and, in August, I hope to have more news to report, so until then ...

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