History of Bailey's Irish Cream

In 1971, a group of high echelon managers at Gilbey's of Ireland had the idea for a unique Irish drink. Whiskey is a distilled grain product which is blended with about 50% cream to produce Irish Cream. Back in the old days, one way to handle an upset stomach was to mix whiskey and cream together. The problem was that the two would only mix well together for a very short time. Bailey's found a secret way to get the mixture to last.

No one had managed to blend cream and whiskey before and the first Bailey's Irish Cream appeared in a ten gallon milk churn. They had been trying to get the whiskey to mix with the cream and it took three years of patient work, plus a little chocolate and vanilla, to create the truly amazing taste. Finally, on November 26th 1974, by way of an accident, Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur was born.

The process used was mixing chocolate nibs and vanilla, adding burnt sugar, sugar, and then whiskey with the cream to make this delicious drink that has a shelf life of two years. Now, Bailey's is not only a drink but is used as an addition to coffee and many recipes. Thank you for a job well done!

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