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The Nestle story started in 1868, when Henri Nestle set up a sales office in London. In 1901, Nestle opened its first UK factory, and in 1905 merged with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. In 1913 chocolate production began at Hayes, including the launch of the famous brand of white chocolate Milky Bar in 1937.

Many of Nestle's brands have been household names for generations - Nescafé, Quality Street, Aero, Kit Kat, After Eight, Polo, Black Magic and Smarties. These successes and others demonstrate that Nestle UK has unrivaled expertise in developing strong brands and keeping them in the public eye.

Nestle Ireland was born out of a series of mergers and amalgamations of Dublin based confectionary companies over a period of 150 years. The Nestle Group, who restructured operations into a single business in 1988, eventually acquired these companies. Today, Nestle Ireland is based in Citywest Business Campus where its main focus is to further develop its core coffee and confectionary categories, as well as its' chilled, nutrition and food service categories. Nestle is one of Ireland's top branded foods.

Cadbury Chocolate
The Cadbury story is a fascinating study of industrial and social development, covering well over a century and a half. It shows how a small family business developed into an international company combining the most sophisticated technology with the highest standards of quality, technical skills and innovation.

A one-man business, opened in 1824 by a young Quaker, John Cadbury, in Bull Street, Birmingham, was to be the foundation of Cadbury Limited, now one of the world's largest chocolate producers. By 1831 the business had changed from a grocery shop and John Cadbury had become a manufacturer of drinking chocolate and cocoa, the start of the Cadbury manufacturing business as it is known today.

The leader in the UK confectionery market, Cadbury Limited is the confectionery division of Cadbury Schweppes plc, a major force in the confectionery and soft drinks international market. Quality has been the focus of the Cadbury business from the very beginning, as generations have worked to produce chocolate with the taste, smoothness and snap characteristic of Cadbury chocolate.

Death By Chocolate Gift Basket
Indulge your passion for chocolate with this gift basket. Includes: Cadburys Roses 220g, Cadburys Milk Tray 220g, Cadburys Luxury Double Choc Chunks cookies, Cadburys Drinking Chocolate, Cadburys Twirl Treatsize, Cadburys Rich Tea Cookies and Cadburys Mini Fingers Tub. There is nothing quite like Cadburys! * Due to availability factors certain products may be substituted with items of equal or greater value.

Price: $65.99

Cadbury Milk Tray
Irish Chocolate Assortment

Cadbury Milk Tray is a luxurious selection of milk chocolates. For your convenience, the inside cover has a display of each flavor by name, description and shape. The Milk Tray flavors are Mocha Mystery, Honey Love, Orange Truffle, Hazelnut Caress, Fudge Dream, Hazelnut Heaven, Soft Whisper, Strawberry Kiss, Nut Secret, Eastern Delight, Caramel Heart and Caramel Charm. This selection of wonderful milk chocolates would be a lovely gift for someone special in your life.

Price $17.59

Cadburys Dairy Milk Treat Size
Mini squares of creamy milk chocolate.

Price: $9.79

Kinder Bueno 6 Pack
2 Fingers of milk chocolate covered wafer with smooth milk and hazelnut filling.

Price: $13.09

Cadbury's Crunchie Treat Size
Mini milk chocolate bars with golden honeycombed center. 258g

Price: $7.29

Cadbury's Flake Treat Size
Mini crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate. 224 g/7.9 oz.

Price: $10.09

Cadbury's Twirl Treat Size
Mini milk chocolate fingers. 279 g/9.8 oz.

Price: $9.29

Cadbury's Time Out Treat Size
Fingers of milk chocolate with a combined center of wafer and chocolate.

Price: $10.29

Cadbury's Variety Family
Mini size assorted milk chocolate bars, contains 17 minis.

Price: $7.99

Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin Chocolate Bar - 6 Pack
Raisins and biscuits smothered in milk chocolate

Price: $10.39

In 1767, Terry's of York first crafted their fine European confections under the reign of King George III. As monarchs changed so to did Terry's, creating the original WHACK & UNWRAP Chocolate Orange in 1932.

Terry's Chocolate Orange - 6 Pack
Terry's Chocolate Orange is milk chocolate containing real orange oil. This product is offered in a six-pack of chocolate bars.

Price: $9.59

Fry's Chocolate Company
Fry's Cream is a chocolate bar made by Cadbury's, and formerly by J. S. Fry & Sons. It consists of a fondant center wrapped in dark chocolate, and is available in peppermint and chocolate versions. Fry's Chocolate Cream is one of the oldest chocolate bars, launched in 1866.

Over 220 products were introduced in the following decades, including production of the first chocolate Easter egg in UK in 1873 and the Fry's Turkish Delight (or Fry's Turkish bar) in 1914. In 1896 the firm became a registered private company and was run by the Fry family.

Near the start of World War I the company was the largest employer in Bristol. Joseph Storrs Fry died in 1913. By 1919 the company merged with Cadbury's chocolate and the joint company named British Cocoa and Chocolate Company.

The Fry's division was moved to Somerdale in 1923. After 1981 the name Fry's was no longer in use at Somerdale, but the factory is still a major producer of Cadbury's products.

Fry's Peppermint Cream - 6 Pack
Fry's Peppermint Cream is a dark chocolate wrapped peppermint cream fondant center. It may contain traces of nuts, milk, vegetable fats and cocoa butter. This product is available in a six-pack of chocolate bars.

Price: $11.59

Irish Cheese
Irish Relishes & Sauces

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