Bunny Cake
2 8 inch Layers of Prepared Cake Mix, any flavor
2 Containers Prepared Vanilla Frosting
1 Package Flaked Coconut
2 Large Marshmallows
2 Pairs of Pink Stiff Paper Ears 

Cut each layer in half across the middle. Frost the flat side of one half and top with flat side of the other half. Stand them up with the cut side down on a plate.

Frost the outside generously. Pat on the flaked coconut to cover all the frosting. Almost in the middle of the top insert the paper ears. Press in pink jelly beans for the eyes and nose; press on a marshmallow for the tail.

Color some coconut with a few drops of green food coloring for the grass. Sprinkle around the bunny on the plate and place some jellybeans in the grass.

Yield: 2 bunny cakes

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