Visiting The Lydons

Terry and Tyna with the Lydons

It was our last full day in Ireland and we had planned to go to Dublin. We had told Mary about our adventure in Navan and she said that the traffic in Dublin would be worse. She told us that there was a bus that went by the house into Dublin, however, we would have to stay there for seven or eight hours to catch a ride back. By this time, we didn't feel up to driving in any more traffic jams so we decided not to go. We had bought so many souvenirs and other gifts that we needed another suitcase. Mary and Michael had a large one that we could keep so we thanked them and finished our packing.

The Lydons invited us out to a night of traditional Irish music. They picked us up at Kiltale House and we went to a local pub in Dunsany. There was quite a crowd around the bar which turned out to be the after-party following a hunt. We sat at a table and Michael bought us all a drink.

After a while, a friend of the Lydon's came in with three Americans on holiday. Her name was Geraldine and she owned a B & B in Trim. The young lady with the group was Megan from Minnesota, who was traveling with her mother. The other two were Mary and Rick, from San Diego, California. It was their fifth trip to Ireland after which they were off to England for a week. We had a nice evening with them, especially after the music started. The folks that were playing were local people who got together now and then at this pub. Anyone could join in, similar to a jam session in the States. We left the pub about midnight and thanked Mary and Michael for a lovely time.

They arranged to phone us at 6:00 AM to give us plenty of time to get to the airport. So, we drove out of Co. Meath onto the N3 to the Dublin Airport. We left off our rental car and went into the terminal. We are always so sad to leave our beloved Ireland. As always, during the flight home, we discussed our plans for the next trip, in about two years.

Tree in Ireland
Shlahn goh foihll.
(Goodbye for now)

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