Back Home Again

Leitrim Poster by Jimmy Burns

We were so sad to leave Mohill after getting re-acquainted with so many of our Irish friends. Terry had been admiring an artist's rendition of businesses in Co. Leitrim. Phil O'Brien told us the "Lovely Leitrim" print was illustrated by a local artist, Jimmy Burns. Phil telephoned a friend and obtained one that she presented to Terry before we left. It was a very nice gesture and we truly appreciated it. Thomas, Maura, and Irene Casey invited us to their home again on the day we left. We were served tea and delicious apple pie made by Irene. Maura was also a great cook as we had eaten there on our last trip when she had made tea and Irish soda bread.

We said our goodbyes and left on our trip to Dublin Airport. This time we took a different route on the N3 which brought us through Co. Longford, Co. Cavan, and Co. Meath. We stopped in Trim to have a look around. It, too, had grown a lot. Near Trim Castle we saw a new strip mall and many new homes. We decided to stop to see the Lydon's at Kiltale House.

There was a new road leading out of Trim to Dunsany and we hardly recognized the house when we passed it. We drove around to the back and there was Michael tending some new born lambs. He told us that Mary and one of their daughters were away on holiday in Spain. We visited with him briefly, as he was busy with the sheep, and went on our way to the airport. We dropped off our rental car at Hertz and went into the terminal to have supper.

Reynolds Pub, Dromod

It was a bit late so we purchased some ham and cheese sandwiches and potato crisps (chips) which were accompanied by Orange Shandy. We went browsing through some of the airport shops to buy something for my sister's birthday, and decided on a gift of Irish food. While we were waiting, we decided that we would come back to Ireland again next year but, perhaps, we would wait until autumn. We had already been there twice in the spring and once in the summer.

As we boarded our plane, we both said that one week was not enough and the time flew by too quickly. Next year, we decided, we will stay for at least two weeks, and that is still our plan.

- The End -

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Boyne River Bridge

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