April 2011 Newsletter
Hello from LittleShamrocks.com,

I hope that every one of you had a very happy St. Patrick's Day!! I was not able to partake in any celebrations because I was still recovering from surgery but all of our local restaurants and pubs were very much in the Irish spirit. Some had pub quizzes going on, while others had live traditional Irish music.

LittleShamrocks.com had over 106,000 visitors for March because of St. Patrick's Day, with an average of almost 3,500 people per day. On March 17th alone the traffic was 16,560 visitors. We get more and more people coming to the site every year, and we love it!!

Hat and Daffodils, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Spring has sprung and Easter (An Cháisc) is the next big holiday. Other than St. Patrick's Day and Christmas, Easter is the holiest day observed in Ireland. I have written a short article about Easter in Ireland, if you would be interested. I have found that Easter is celebrated the same in most Christian communities around the world. Just as Christmas has been commercialized from a holy day to Santa Claus, Easter has changed to be mostly about the Easter Bunny. It is still a day for families to gather after church for a bountiful Easter dinner.

I have several Easter recipes that you might like to try. Colored eggs, ham with pineapple, orange glazed carrots, Irish dressed cabbage, tangy shredded beets, snow capped lemon fairy cakes.

Colored Easter Eggs

Orange Glazed Carrots
Baked Ham With Pineapple & Brown Sugar Glaze 
Tangy Shredded Beets

Irish Dressed Cabbage
Lemon Fairy Cakes

From our new gift shop we have some religious gift items for Easter, such as Cross Necklaces and Claddagh Rings. With First Holy Communion coming up, we also have some beautiful communion gifts.

Ladies Embroidered Wedding Linen Handkerchief

Gold Medium Filigree Celtic Cross

Embroidered Wedding Bells Irish Linen Handkerchief
from SimplyIrish.com
Gold Medium Filigree Celtic Cross
14K Gold Diamond & Emerald Eternity Irish Claddagh Ring
14K Gold, Diamond & Emerald Open Irish Claddagh Cross
14K Gold Diamond & Emerald Eternity Claddagh Ring
14K Gold, Diamond & Emerald Open Claddagh Cross

First Holy Communion Locket

Merino Wool Keyhole Aran Sweater
First Holy Communion Locket Little Girls communion gift
Merino Wool Keyhole Aran Sweater

Noeleen McCool sent us a new article about St. Patrick's Day in Belfast. It came in just after the last newsletter was released, so here is the link to it.

Colored Easter Eggs
Easter Greeting, Chicks in Egg
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On behalf of everyone here at LittleShamrocks.com, I wish you all a very Happy Easter. (Cáisc Shona Dhaoibh)


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