Lough Rynn Castle
Samantha Long, one of the executive staff, had invited us for a tour of the facilities at the new Lough Rynn Castle and Resort. It was breathtaking! Samantha showed us around the inside for a while but she had a meeting to attend shortly. She told us that we could make ourselves at home, take as many photos as we wanted, and we were free to tour the grounds as well.

Lough Rynn Castle and Resort

We were told that, if the people who purchased the Rynn Estate at that time had not done so, the place would have gone to ruin. The floors were in a foot of water but they managed to salvage them, along with the huge walk-in fireplace in the lounge and most of the original woodwork. They had recovered much of the original furniture, paintings and books. The new addition included a beautiful formal dining restaurant, as well as a new spa, which is to be completed this year. The Nick Faldo designed golf course is coming in 2008 and the entire resort will be surrounded by three lakes, the largest of which is Lough Rynn.

Lough Rynn Castle

We took a walk down the old road to the ruins of the Reynolds Castle. Have you ever had the feeling that you belong in a place? It wasn't the same kind of feeling as deja vu but more like it is where you should be, not where you are. Terry and I feel so comfortable in Ireland, especially in Mohill, and at Lough Rynn. I know my father would be happy that I went to the country where his ancestors originated. Terry feels the same way about his family.

Tyna at Reynolds Castle

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