Arrival in Ireland

Aughavas Cemetery

When we arrived in Ireland, we picked up our rental car and headed for the N4, which is the East to West highway from Dublin to Sligo. The highway had changed so much in a year and a half that we felt like we had never been there before. It no longer went through all the little towns but bypassed them, with roundabouts as exits heading off in the different directions. We were going to have breakfast in Enfield, Co. West Meath but we were a little nervous with the changes and decided to go directly to Co. Leitrim.

When we were close to Mohill, I decided to go into Carrick-On-Shannon first. I needed to buy a hair dryer that I could use with their electrical outlets. I figured that I could buy an inexpensive one at either Quidsworth or Pounds Cheaper and I did.

We got back on the highway and headed back to the Mohill exit. Even the road to Mohill was under construction, being widened in places. When we drove around the corner at the top of the town, by St. Patrick's Catholic Church, we felt like we were home. We drove down to Glebe Street and parked out in front of O'Brien's Tavern and The Travelers Rest B & B.

When we went inside the tavern, Jim was there to welcome us. Shortly thereafter, Phil (Philomena) joined us and offered to make us a snack. She brought us some biscuits and tea, which really hit the spot. We sat and visited for about an hour, and mostly talked about I asked her for some recipes and she said I could use the one for Boxtie that was on the bar wall, and she would give me another one as well. We went to our room, and by that time, we had been awake for about 24 hours and the jet lag was settling in, so we took a nap.

After we awoke and freshened up, we went for a walk around town and stopped to have a pint at O'Carolan's Pub. We were still quite tired, so we bought two chicken dinners at Cafe Europa, which is a take away - fast food establishment across Glebe Street from O'Brien's. We brought it up to our room to eat and watched TV for a while. We discussed our plans for the next day, then went to bed.

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