County Meath Adventures

Trim Castle,Ireland

On our first morning at Kiltale House, the weather was much better. We went into Trim and did some more shopping. We wanted to stop in to see Mrs. Reynolds at her sweater shop but she was no longer there. We walked down the main street and saw so many new and/or different shops than were there before. We did manage to find our old friend, Gregory Leonard, at his clothing store and souvenir shop. We purchased some more tee shirts and I bought a nice coffee mug with a design from The Book Of Kells.

Celtic art and designs from the Book of Kells are so beautiful and intricate that I could look at them for hours. I also love to do jigsaw puzzles and this one of St. Brendan the Navigator looks like a great one.

Meath Chronicle Printing Works,Co. Meath,Ireland

When we left his shop, we went to lunch next door. We had some delicious sandwiches and they were huge. We then decided to take a drive to Navan which was a larger town with more stores. There we were again, in a town that had changed so much we didn't know which way to go. On the way there, construction on the roads was going on everywhere and there was construction in the middle of the town as well. It was a one way set up so we just followed the traffic. It was by sheer luck that we found a parking space on the street.

Judge and Jury Bar,Co.Meath,Ireland

We walked up the street and did some window shopping. The traffic was bumper to bumper and we were wondering if we would be able to get out of our spot. We then decided to take a ride to New Grange to see the ancient Celtic tomb. When we got back into the line of traffic, we were looking for the directions. Aha! There it was! Oh, no! The road was blocked off due to more construction. Well, we were stuck in a long line of traffic that was taking a detour.

Tower Ruins, Co. Meath,Ireland

By that time we didn't know where we were. So we just kept following the cars in front of us. The road got narrower and more winding, then turned to dirt. We were so lost! I kept following the few cars that were still ahead of me. Finally, I saw a sign with a town I recognized; it was Athboy, so I went that way. We were still pretty much on back roads. Then I saw another sign, this time for Rath Cairne. We had been there before and it was a strictly Gaelic speaking town, not far from Trim, and where Mary Lydon had grown up.

Carvings on Stone, New Grange (Newgrange) Site, County Meath, Leinster, Eire (Ireland)

We decided that we should head back to Trim before we became completely lost. We stopped to buy some groceries and went back to Kiltale House, where we stayed in for the rest of the night.

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