One Night in Malahide

Malahide Harbor

We were in between counties on our first trip to Ireland. We had left Co. Leitrim a day earlier than we had planned and our self-catering accommodation was not reserved until the next day. We looked into our Bord Failte B & B Guide and were trying to find a place to stay for the night. After a few tries, we ended up in Malahide, a sea side resort community on the Irish Sea about twenty miles north of Dublin.

The town was hopping that night and everything was crowded. Once we arrived there, we were given the directions to Pegasus B & B, where Mrs. Reynolds-O'Brien welcomed us and we settled into our room. After freshening up, we went into Malahide to a pub and had a delicious meal of Irish Stew.

Terry Reynolds & Mrs. Reynolds-O'Brien

We then went for a walk around the area. There were mansions all along the coast and boats and yachts everywhere. It reminded me of being in East Hampton, Long Island, New York where my cousins live. It was the same type of atmosphere, beautiful people in beautiful clothes, and luxury cars lining the boulevards. It was a totally different experience compared to the small quiet towns of Co. Leitrim.

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