Wind and Solar Power Information

Both of these e-books have excellent information on how to take your first steps toward energy independence.

While a few solar panels and a small wind power generator will not provide all the power for your home, they are a great start. You will learn what you can do now to move toward energy independence, what it would take to go completely "off the grid" to produce all of your own electricity, and gain valuable insight into investing in emerging alternative energy markets.

Earth 4 Energy Wind & Solar Power

"The web's best how-to guide on home power generation using alternative energy, and the most complete and detailed instructions for building a wind power generator."

Earth 4 Energy covers both solar power and wind power methods for supplementing your home's electricity. With the exception of a few typos, the book is well written and illustrated. This product is comprised of three sections:

The Solar Power for the Home Section gives an introduction and overview of the components needed to supplement your home’s electricity with solar power. There are detailed instructions and diagrams on assembling a storage and distribution system for the power collected by the wind power generator and solar panels. It includes tips on how to find the best deals on components such as batteries and solar panels and even get them for free!

The Wind Power Generator for the Home Section describes how to build your own small wind turbine for under $200, using easily available parts and materials, and hook it up to the power storage system from the first section.

The third section talks about other types of alternative energy for the home, ways to reduce your oil dependence, links to more information on other types of renewable energy, and some of the future possibilities for alternative energy.

How Solar Power Works

Building Your Own Solar Generator

How Wind Power Works

Building Your Own Wind Power Generator

How to Reduce Your Oil Dependence

The Self-Powered Home Of Today

Solar Power Secrets

"A comprehensive guide on the state of solar power today and the best ways you can use solar power to save on your energy bill"

Solar Power Secrets focuses almost exclusively on solar power methods and what is possible versus what is practical today with solar energy. Solar Power Secrets has no illustrations, photos or hyperlinks.

The book covers the complete range of past and present solar energy applications, from heating high-rise apartments to solar water purification in the third world. There are some confusing typos, and several chapters in the latter sections are English grammar-challenged as if the book was written by several people but, despite that, the book does a good job of describing the state of solar power today and the best methods to apply now to save energy and money.

The book also offers insights on how best to invest in the different facets of the solar power industry, a glimpse into emerging solar power markets, and the possible future of solar energy.

The product also includes a second E-book, Solar Power Secrets 2, which includes more overview information, specific information about home uses of solar power and living "on the grid" -supplementing your homes electricity with solar power.

Use Solar Power for Daily Living

Solar Powered Nautical Devices, Cameras & Camping Equipment

Power Your Appliances with Solar Power

Aesthetically Appealing Solar Panels

Converting Your House to Solar Power

Combining Wind & Solar Power

Solar Power Renting

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