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LittleShamrocks.com is dedicated to our Irish Heritage and our love for Ireland. We would like to share with you some of the most delightful times of our lives. We both imensely enjoyed the Irish Food and we invite you to experience the great tastes of Ireland. If you have never tried traditional Irish Food, you will love it! If you have travelled to Ireland and enjoyed the food, you will want to rediscover it.

The places we visited, the people we met and the stories we have gained are all here for sharing. Over the years we have researched our geneology, tasted many different Irish foods, and travelled throughout Ireland and LittleShamrocks is a piece of these travels, adventures and experiences.

Irish Food

On our trips to Ireland we discovered Irish food, some of the most delicious food we have ever tasted, and had some of the most wonderful times of our lives. We have chosen our favorite products for our online store and have published Ireland's most delicious recipes in our Irish Recipes Section and dozens of the most delicious imported Irish food products including chocolates, cookies, candy, jams, mustards & relishes.

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Ireland Travel

Featuring Ireland Adventures with Tyna and Terry. You will visit the places we visited like Croagh Patrick Mountain, Lough Rynn Castle, Cloonboney Cottage, County Meath, Dublin, and small towns including Mohill and Drumgrania.

More of Ireland

The long history, mystical legends and unending scenery provides great content for Terry's Favorite Ireland Books, Food Newsletters, blogs, The Leitrim Connection and News From the North to help keep you informed and connected.

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