June 2011 Newsletter
Lake Lure, North Carolina
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Ahhhh! Beautiful June! The sun is out and it’s nice and warm, and a great feeling to be alive after such an awful winter and cold spring. In the USA we just had Memorial Day, which is the unofficial beginning of summer. Memorial Day designates the way we honor our veterans, family members and friends who have passed on. We adorn the graves with flowers and wreaths and the local veteran's clubs place American flags on all graves of those who fought in wars.

There are so many things going on this month. June is famously known as a favorite month for weddings. There will be dozens of bridal showers and weddings

but let’s not forget about graduation.

but let’s not forget about graduation.

I have a couple of beautiful cake recipes, one for a wedding shower and the other is a traditional Irish wedding cake. And how
about this Guinness chocolate cake for Dad!

A celebration cake for graduation can be any cake , frosting it using the school colors. Our Independence Day observance, which is normally called Fourth of July Weekend, is coming up on July 2nd,3rd and 4th

There will be lots of parties, parades, carnivals and fireworks going on in the area. Last month I posted several grilling recipes and I am leaving them in place for the summer months. There is also plenty of time left to order your party goods from ShinDigz.com.

Spareribs with Mango Chutney Marinade
Family Secret Steak Marinade
Spareribs with Mngo Chutney Whiskey Marinade
Sirloin Strips with Family Secret Steak Marinade
Grilled Irish Sausages (Bangers)
Irish Chicken Wings with Guinness
Grilled Irish Sausages (Bangers)
Chicken Wings with Guinness
Grilled Potato Halves
Irish Egg & Potato Salad
Grilled Potato Halves
Irish Egg & Potato Salad

My neck of the woods is a tourist area near Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire. We have people vacationing in the
area as well as the summer residents with cottages and homes on the lake. Many of the restaurants that close
for the winter are all now back in business.

MV Mt. Sunapee II
Mt. Kearsarge
We also have tour boats on the Lake: the MV Mt. Sunapee II is mainly a tour boat and takes trips around the lake with the Captain narrating the history of the area; the MV Mt. Kearsarge is a dinner boat, which includes a two hour trip with a delicious buffet menu. It’s very busy during the summer months, especially on the lake. For more information about Lake Sunapee, please visit our sister site, www.Lake-Sunapee-Living.com.I am moving to another town in New Hampshire at the end of the summer so I am going to have a very busy time packing and preparing for the next three months. I hope you all have a wonderful, fun-filled and safe summer!


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